About us

The grand protagonist of Liomatic's establishment and development is Paolo Caporali, who in 1972 began to consolidate what would later become the company's ultimate goal: bringing people together via the "famous" Coffee Break.

In 1995 Liomatic established a strong partnership with Lavazza, with whom its shares its propensity for quality with a national and international slant. Thanks to the unmistakeable imagination of the founder and the reliability of his employees, in 1998, the first great organisational change took place: the need arose to evolve from a family-run company into a management-based company. This resulted in the inauguration of the company's current headquarters on Via dell’Orzo in Perugia. 

In 2001, the expansion project commenced. 

Thanks to significant acquisitions in the regions of Marche, Puglia, and later Calabria, Liomatic began to assume a significant competitive size on a national scale. 

September 2008: the company's first Convention, "The courage to Change", was held in Assisi. All the companies merged into a single business reality, which took on the name of Liomatic. From that day forward, the parent company's know-how began to be shared and distributed based on the specific needs of each individual region.

2012 saw the establishment of Liomatic Servizi, the Liomatic business unit operating on the retail market. Consolidated experience, the organisation of a large company, products of the best brand names and all inclusive services, also thanks to its collaboration with VAI: these are the advantages that have rendered Liomatic Servizi the market's new reference point.

As of today, Liomatic S.p.A. has 9 direct branches, ranging from Emilia Romagna to Puglia. 

Thanks to its regional partnerships from the northeast to the northwest, including Sardinia, the company is capable of offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy an unrivalled Coffee Break.

Furthermore, Liomatic has always placed a great deal of importance on the quality and hygiene of its services.
The company's commitment in this direction has been constantly oriented towards providing services that are precise, punctual and continuously improving. 
Our Quality Management System today consists of a set of tools that support the various activities and facilitate continuous monitoring throughout. Having been initially based on the UNI EN ISO 9002:1994 standards, the Quality System was subsequently adapted to comply with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 requirements.