Charter of principles for environmental sustainability

Environmental sustainability
4 February 2015

Liomatic adheres to the initiative promoted by Confindustria, once again confirming the commitment to protection of the environment.



10 "Principles" for 10 "Commitments"

1. "Achievement of the objectives of environmental sustainability in the short, medium and long-term" including the protection of the environment as an integral part of its activities and its own process of production growth.

2. "Adoption of a precautionary approach"Assessment of the impact of its activities, its products and services, in order to manage the environmental aspects according to a preventive approach and promotion of the use of the best technologies available.

3. "Efficient use of natural resources"Promotion of the efficient use of natural resources, with particular attention to the rational management of water and energy resources.

4. "Control and Reduction of environmental impacts"Monitoring and, where possible, reducing its emissions into the air, water and soil; pursuing of the minimisation of waste production and its efficient management with an emphasis on recovery and re-use in place of disposal; the taking of appropriate measures to limit the effects of its activities on climate change; promotion of the conservation of biodiversity and ecosystems.

5. "Centrality of innovative technologies"Investment in research, development and innovation in order to develop processes, products and services aiming at increasingly smaller environmental impact.

6. "Responsible management of the product" Promotion of responsible management of the product or of the service over the entire life-cycle in order to improve its performance and to reduce its impact on the environment, also informing customers on the mode of use and "end of life" management.

7. "Responsible management of the production chain"Promotion of the conservation of the environment in management of the production chain, involving suppliers, customers and parties concerned as actors of its own sustainability policy.

8. "Awareness-Raising and Training"Promotion of initiatives for information, awareness-raising and training, in order to involve the organisation in the implementation of its environmental policy.

9. "Transparency in relations with the parties concerned"Promotion of relations, with the parties concerned, based on transparency, in order to pursue shared policies within an environmental context.

10. "Consistency in international activities"Operation in a manner consistent with the principles set forth in this document in all the countries in which it conducts its business.