Liomatic for sport

5 December 2014

Consistent with its corporate philosophy and commitment to the popularising of a healthy lifestyle, Liomatic has always been active in sports sponsorship.

A passion for sport has motivated our Company to focus on sport with which it shares values such as solidarity, the continued drive for improvement and the development of young talent.

Its ingrained sponsorship of basketball, both male and female, has been flanked in recent years by that of other sports such as football and rugby.Liomatic is active throughout Italy, providing its support to numerous teams: 

Liomatic Perugia Basketball: since the 2008-2009 season, the team of the Umbrian chief town has played in the Series A amateur championship on the PalaEvangelisti parquet where last season it managed to reach third place

Liomatic Perugia Rugby: the sharing of values has motivated Liomatic to sponsor the local rugby team that played with good results in the Series B championship in which it participated in the 2004-05 season

Perugia Football: a marriage was created between Liomatic and football which, though recent, has already experienced its first successes

Aurora Basketball: Liomatic sponsors the Jesi basketball team which is competing in the Legadue championship

Liomatic Viola Basketball: the basketball team of Reggio Calabria is competing in the the Amateurs Series B 

Jesina football: the football team of Jesi sponsored by Liomatic is participating in group F of the Series D championship