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Healthy diet
5 December 2014

For Liomatic, the hygiene of its vending machines and the health of its customers is paramount.

The use of constant refrigeration vending machines are designed to provide a temperature of between 0 and +4°C and keep the food fresh and healthy; maintenance of the cold chain during transportation of the product by the Company to the customer, performed with vans that are insulated or fitted with suitable refrigerators. In gymnasiums, energy drinks complete the offer.

Liomatic pays particular attention to the hygiene of its vending machines and to the health of its customers.

In order to ensure fresh and healthy foods, constant refrigeration vending machines and insulated vans  are used that maintain the cold chain during (for the entire life cycle of the product) transportation of the product from the Company to the customer.

The HEALTHY DIET vending machine offers products appropriate for a healthy lifestyle and that meet the needs of the customer: energy drinks for sports people, products for celiac sufferers etc.