The service

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On the go

During a wait, a queue, or a break... a snack or a coffee always makes the moment more enjoyable. That's why Liomatic offers custom solutions for indoor and outdoor high-traffic areas, such as hospitals, government offices, train stations or airports, with dedicated snack and break areas open 24 hours a day. A range of products and services designed to meet the ever-increasing needs of highly mobile individuals, while at the same time resolving the problem of who should provide these types of services in the large-scale public or private settings. Contact our sales consultants to find out more about our targeted solutions.

Technical support

The machines are armoured in order to prevent damage and facilitate their proper functionality, and the immediate intervention of support personnel can always be requested by calling Liomatic's Support Service at the toll-free number 800 10 30 10 (free of charge).
And if the machine is out of order and needs to be replaced? No problem! In the event of a breakdown, Liomatic's Support Service will replace the machine free of charge.


Featuring perfect hygiene, high security, payment options with POS units and wide range of products, even including functional products based on the users' specific requirements (i.e. Sanitary wipes in hospitals), the On-the-go distributors that Liomatic provides through its service are designed to meet every consumer demand, regardless of where they're installed.